If you are like me you have thousands of photos saved on your computer from this year. Looking for something creative to do with them this holiday season? Why not make a photo book?

Tips on creating a photo book you’ll be proud of:

1)  Have a central theme. Maybe it’s “2012” and you do a page for each month. Or what about “Our Adventures” and you include photos from your outings and travels throughout the year. “Smiles”, include the obvious, smiles of your favorite people.

2) Less is more. I personally love books that have a strong and large image on each page, or a single image across two pages (a spread).

3) Sort your photos before your get started. Save them in a folder so they are easy to upload in one action. Trust me, this will save you a lot of time. Aim for 2-3 images x the number of pages you want in your end book.

4) Choose a layout that best matches your images. If you are going to put more than one photo on a page, use layouts that match the content of your photo. Don’t crop out important details. Also, be sure all the photos on the page have a central theme. Even if they are from different events, keeping the photos of the same person will make the page feel more unified and not random.

5) Research printing options. Search for reviews before you start working on your book. Be sure the company you choose meets your needs. Do you want an eBook and a print book? Do you want to be able to print more than one run of your book? Do you want to use your Instagram or Facebook photos? Hard cover? Soft cover?

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Let me know how your book turns out. Did you choose to tell a story with your photos, or document an event? I think I might FINALLY make one for each of my kids with photos from the last year. I always intend to this for their birthday’s, and I haven’t gotten around to it.

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I could kick myself! I just ordered all our holiday photo gifts, cards, etc and then discovered I could have saved a bunch of money using Ebates. I found Ebates through searching for coupons for something I was buying (snow boots if you must know). But once I landed on the screen I remembered I seen it before. Then it hit me. It was on ChristianPF. I love those people, so after re-reading I knew they would not be steering me in a direction they wouldn’t go themselves. Now I’m signed up and hooked on Ebates. As long was we are stream-of-conscience-ing it here… I was then like, “I have to tell my photo friends. They NEED to order prints and gifts too. WHO doesn’t want to know about saving 8%, 15%, 20%. So pardon the un-solicited advertisement here, but I love sharing good deals when I find them. Don’t you?

My favorite online printing is done on Shutterfly or Kodak Gallery. If I would have gone through my new Ebates account I could have gotten 8% (Shutterfly) or 15% (Kodak) cash back using these two printers. No joke! I’m so annoyed. The holiday order is my biggest of the year.

Other photo printers using Ebates (some of which I have used) are: Minted (5%), Snapfish (20%), and you could print your own cards using Vistaprint (5%).

Follow this link to Ebates. I think you’ll be glad you did. I’m just glad I figured it out before I started my online holiday shopping. The more I save, the more I can spend on well… printing more of my zillions of photos.

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