Candid photos are maybe my second favorite kind (right behind black and white). I think one of the tricks to capturing your own kids without them posing, is taking photos often. Eventually I think their brains say, “Oh, there’s mom with the camera again.” Sometimes I take a few posed ones, and then when we are ‘done’, I shoot a few more. Distracted children are also easier to photograph candidly, and whatever they are/were doing is what made you pick up the camera in the first place. So just get them back to that task. Don’t be afraid to recreate an event if you missed it.

CHALLENGE: Take a photo of your kids doing work.
Tying shoes,
Eating an apple,
Brushing teeth,
Making a sandwich,
Cleaning up (does that even happen if you’re watching?)…

Share the link to your photo in the comments below.

I have been thinking about this photo for a few days. It was actually taken by my husband in 2009. The image is of his grandfather, in his daily work boots, and his daily work overalls, in his mother’s rocking chair. To me the boots represent hard work and commitment. They have seen a lot of life, as has that rocker.

I think shoes say something about their wearers. What do yours say about you?

When you pull out your camera this weekend, try looking at the world from a different perspective. Capture the muddy cleats instead of the muddy face; the fallen leaves, instead of the trees from which they fell; of for some of you, the pile of snow clothes left at the door after frosty is built. [Remember to squat, and get close up to your subject. Be brave. Don’t wimp out on me now.]

Just a small peek at into my world. This is my “intern” who is developing our blog [aka playing games on my iPhone].

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE… the lighting in this photo. I didn’t touch it up, i.e. photoshop, this image at all. (Well besides adding the watermark, because there are creepy people out there who steal photos. Zeesh!)

This one will make it onto a wall somewhere in my house.

Happy Friday! It’s a great weekend for taking pictures (here at least).

[Shameless plug- this reminds me to tell you, if you are in the St.Louis area, I do have a few more spots open this week and in November, for photo shoots. I’m still developing my portfolio, so you’ll score a great deal! Currently available to capture the love and essence of families, couples, children, grand children… I’m game. At your home or an outdoor location. Pets… not so sure we would get along, but I’ll try.]