3 month baby girls pictures by Resa Design Photography ©2014

When you are exercising your body they really need to remind you, that you will not see these results for at least 3 months. I feel that way with photography right now. I have spent years practicing the art of capturing light. It’s a tricky business and although there is science, lots of it, it’s ever-changing and seeing results can take a while.

This winter I dedicated myself to refining my skills and increasing my knowledge of photography. I wanted to step up my images to the next level. I also wanted to grow my business in a sustainable way (work smarter not harder kinda way).

To do this I spent hours and hours taking photography classes. I examined other photographer’s work from a new perspective. Practiced how to get the image I want and just cross my fingers and hope it appears (which is an over exaggeration, but you get it).

Also, I did a lot of research; and drafting and redrafting; to create a business plan that works for my company. I would be remiss if I didn’t add that I upgraded equipment too, but I don’t want this to be about “doing better with better equipment” because all the best equipment in the world doesn’t great a lasting product, the creator does.

It was a lot of work. Not always fun. Sometimes really, really boring actually. But…. last night when I was editing…. it happened. I saw the muscles I had been working so feverishly during the winter, appear finally!

3 month baby girls pictures by Resa Design Photography ©2014

So… I didn’t write this to toot my own horn. I did write this to encourage you, the discouraged photographer (OR enter whatever title you are HERE) to keep at it. Don’t give up. Push yourself. As long as you are moving forward you WILL see results.

“For as the rain and the snow come down from heaven, And do no return there without watering the earth and making it bear and sprout, and furnishing see to the sower and bread to the eater; So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, without accomplishing what I desire, and without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.”  Isaiah 55:10-11 (New American Standard Bible)

3 month baby girls pictures by Resa Design Photography ©2014

Newborn by Resa Troyer for Resa Design Photography ©2014

I know I say this a lot, but it is really a huge honor to be invited into the lives of my clients. They trusting me to capture very special moments and memories with skill and creativity. So when a client asks me back, it’s huge.

Newborn by Resa Troyer for Resa Design Photography ©2014

This little brother was 1 month old when mom called for me to come take pictures. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to do sleepy newborn like photos, but we got some great wide awake ones.

Newborn by Resa Troyer for Resa Design Photography ©2014Newborn by Resa Troyer for Resa Design Photography ©2014Newborn by Resa Troyer for Resa Design Photography ©2014

This is the third time I have worked with this family (first, second). Big Brother and I are buds now. He was nearly begging to have his picture taken. It was adorable.

Newborn by Resa Troyer for Resa Design Photography ©2014Newborn by Resa Troyer for Resa Design Photography ©2014

©2014 Resa Design Photography, by Resa TroyerThe yawn. One of my FAVORITE newborn image. I love how it’s a whole body experience for them, and looking at the image brings back so many sweet memories.©2014 Resa Design, LLC by Resa TroyerI shot this session in a WARM home (mom pumped up the heat before I arrived, my suggestion), and in front of a window with great light. I always bring a heating pad and warm up any place I am going to lay the new baby. It really helps them stay asleep and relaxed. Next time I need to remember how warm the house can be, and dress accordingly.

©2014 Resa Design, LLC by Resa TroyerCapturing siblings together can sometimes be tricky depending on who close in age they are. It’s hard to get them to all look at you, and attend to the newborn safely. This time I skipped that and just had them draw their attention to baby brother. Mom was thrilled how this session turned out. A happy client, is the best client :)©2014 Resa Design, LLC by Resa Troyer©2014 Resa Design, LLC by Resa Troyer

©2014 Resa Design, LLC by Resa Troyer

Grandma was at the home taking care of mom and the family when I was there. I asked her if she would like to pose with the baby for a shot or two. She was reluctant, (since she was cooking and not really “ready” for pictures) but I love how these turned out. What special images to have for your children when they are grown. Note to photographers: Consider suggesting grandma, or other special family member be present during a in home lifestyle session. They are a great help with kid wrangling, and you might even be able to get them to step in front of the lens for you too.



Newborn photography is not my specialty. There are so many amazing professionals out there that do AMAZING work. BUT newborns are so yummy, and when a friend has one, well I run over as soon as possible to cuddle them up. This little guy was no exception. Patten_2Newborn photos for Resa Design Photography ©2013

And what a pretty mama! Four boys in tow, she is one of the best mothers I know. (I was so not trying to rhyme there.)


What a fun time I had photographing this St. Louis area family a few months ago. When photographing newborns it’s always a good idea to give yourself a lot of time and arrive prepared. We had our share of “accidents”, feedings, and diaper changes, so I was glad I had slotted a few hours for this shoot.

I always send an email to the parents letting them know what to expect. Parents have said this really helps and puts them at ease when they hand off their fresh newborn to a “stranger”.

Of all my clients, new parents require the most sensitivity. They are tired, sometimes hormonal, and almost always nervous about either the shoot, you, or how their baby will behave. (Or sometimes all three). It’s your job as a photographer to make them feel as comfortable as possible, as well as get the best photos you can. This takes patience and experience.

I try to start off by just hanging out with the family. I explore the house for the best light, while they get used to the idea that I have arrived to photograph their newborn. Then I talk to them for a bit about the baby, how it’s going, etc. This gives me sometime to gauge their personality and the normal expressions of their faces (assuming you are taking some photos with the parents). There is nothing like seeing a photo that doesn’t represent your personality at all, is there? Then I start shooting.

Newborns can’t really pose, so sometimes it’s waiting for them to make the cutest face, yawn, or open their eyes. Other times, I actually pose the child by setting them how I want, and holding them there for a few seconds until you feel them relax. For example, if you want a hand on a cheek, place the sleeping child’s hand there. Then keep you fingers on it for a few seconds until the baby relaxes. Let go, and shoot.

In my bag of tricks for newborn photo shoots:

  • heating pad (and extension cord)
  • towel
  • extra blankets
  • a waterproof crib mattress pad (This is great for folding under any blanket or material you are putting the baby on.)
  • a burp cloth (I usually ask the parent to led me one.)
  • trimmed nails (I don’t want to scratch the baby I am trying to photograph.)
  • quiet accessories (Not the time to wear the bangle bracelets or noisy earrings.)
  • warm hands (I try to warm up my hands before I hold the babies when they are undressed. This helps them stay asleep, or at least feel less uncomfortable if they are awake.)
  • a list of poses (Sometimes I actually write out a list, sometimes I have a list in my head. Sometimes mom or dad has provided some sort of a list, or ideas of what they want. And sometimes, you just have to go with the flow and what the parents are comfortable with.)


I recently captured this adorable newborn, John. Isn’t he yummy. It isn’t often that I catch newborns wide awake, so this was a special treat. He wasn’t as in love with me, as I him, so I worked fast, and I think the photos turned out well in the end.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, newborns are not usually known for their clear complexion. This can become a distraction in a photo and sometimes a disappointment to the parents. For this reason, I find it’s most flattering to photography newborns in black and white.

I love to take photos of newborn babies in black and white. Most newborns arrive looking kind of “raisiny”. Black and white photography shows off the fine details of their face while camouflaging the imperfections in their complexion.

I also adore newborns in nontraditional baby colors. This baby was wearing an amazing dark brown gown from one of my favorite brands, Kicky Pants.