©2014 Resa Design PhotographyHere is a look behind getting this shot. It’s not as hard as you might be thinking. You can even do it with your phone!

STEP 1: I laid the blanket out in an area of the yard with even light. This session was purposefully schedule towards the end of the day. I usually allow 2 hours for family sessions. In the fall it’s tricky scheduling them because the later in the fall it gets, the shorter the days get. One year I made a HUGE mistake and forgot about day light savings time and schedule all my sessions after that day at the wrong time. I won’t do that again! NOTE: I faced their chins toward the sun. I did this because I didn’t need their hair lit as much as I wanted their faces lit.

STEP 2: I put the littlest head in the middle. Well relatively in the middle, since there are four kids. Then I planned to put the “biggest” head on the outside, and well I didn’t want the boys and girls together so I staggered them. I wanted the littlest head in the middle so I could get a little bit more angle and pull them closer together by differing the hight a little big. I also didn’t want her head to fall off the side and throw off the proportion of the composition.

HDUGTS_kidsHeads_bSTEP 3: Squish them together. You can see there are a few shoulders overlapping. My goal was to get their heads together as close as possible. This will feel uncomfortable, so if your clients are not into closeness, save the squishy part until the end.

STEP 4: Stepped behind the kids heads. I know! You thought I was right over their bellies right? Tricky, tricky. I was standing behind their heads (see my toes here). Why? 1- no chance of any shadows on their faces. 2- I got them to look a bit more because they almost had to look backwards. 3- it’s more comfortable for the clients, usually, if you aren’t standing “on” them.

©2014 Resa Design PhogotraphySTEP 5: Photograph! I took quite a few pictures in this pose. Them looking right at the camera smiling. Not smiling. And finally I got them to laugh. I’m not sure how, but a fart joke usually does the trick with kids. Also, threatening to tickle can do it sometimes too. Honestly, I usually start with, “Give me your best fake laugh.” If that doesn’t work, I move to the previous suggestions.

HDUGTS_kidsHeads_eSTEP 6: Rotate in editing software and edit as needed. In this case I had to take my toes out of most of the images. I also brightened them up a little bit and applied my favorite filter, all in Lightroom.

©2014 Resa Design Photography HDUGTS_kidsHeads_c

Cheers to happy posing! -Resa


Free Valentine Facebook Cover Preset for Lightroom ©2014 Resa Design Photography

I made this bright Lightroom print preset for Facebook for upcoming Valentines Day. ©2014 Resa Design Photography Facebook Cover layout

Please share with your clients, but you may not sell or take creative rights for the layout and image.

©2014 Resa Design Photography Facebook Cover Layout for Lightroom

Download this Lightroom Print Preset –  FB-Valentine-2image.lrtemplate

Download the Heart Love Background – facebook_background_valentineLOVE_byResaTroyer.jpg

Leave a comment if you download it and what you think.

Happy Editing- Resa


Facebook Covers with images by Resa Design Photography ©2013FacebookCover Are you a photographer looking for ways to spice up your image delivery? Last year I started delivering a Facebook cover image to my clients along with their digital flies. They love it! Most people don’t have the ability to collage their photos, therefore only posting one image at a time.

FacebookCoverI have a few different templates I have used, but currently JL Photography’s FREE Facebook Templates for Lightroom are rocking my world. They are FREE! Easy to install, and so quick to use in Adobe Lightroom. (By the way, if you are a photographer and haven’t tried Lightroom yet, DO IT! I’ll write more on my big switch and how much time Lightroom has saved me another day.)

FacebookCoverBe sure to mark your custom Facebook cover with your company name. This will not only give you well deserved credit, but acts as a marketing tool for anyone seeing your beautiful images.

Happy Editing! – Resa


UPDATE: check out this free Lightroom Facebook Cover presets and backgrounds.