Indoor Natural LightIndoor Natural LightA few months ago I got to create these images of two adorable siblings. Sister was not so thrilled with having her photos taken, but we got a few without too many tears. Big Brother was a trooper and totally great in front of the camera.

Taken in the client’s home using natural window light.

How to utilize natural light indoors during cold weather: 1- find the brightest set of windows in the house. (windows act as a great diffuser as long as the light is blasting through) 2- play with the position of your subject. In these photos, i had the clients perpendicular to the windows and I mainly kept my back towards the light source. Because of this, one side of their faces is a little darker than the other. If you don’t like that, turn the subject more straight on with the window.

I love this video tutorial from Photography Concentrate on how to use window light:

Just a small peek at into my world. This is my “intern” who is developing our blog [aka playing games on my iPhone].

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE… the lighting in this photo. I didn’t touch it up, i.e. photoshop, this image at all. (Well besides adding the watermark, because there are creepy people out there who steal photos. Zeesh!)

This one will make it onto a wall somewhere in my house.

Happy Friday! It’s a great weekend for taking pictures (here at least).

[Shameless plug- this reminds me to tell you, if you are in the St.Louis area, I do have a few more spots open this week and in November, for photo shoots. I’m still developing my portfolio, so you’ll score a great deal! Currently available to capture the love and essence of families, couples, children, grand children… I’m game. At your home or an outdoor location. Pets… not so sure we would get along, but I’ll try.]