St. Louis Children's Photographer Resa Troyer for Resa Design, LLC Horst3

I had so much fun with these three girls during our session in a beautiful St. Louis park. No only were they super photogenic, they were so much fun to play with.

It’s truly such a privilege to photography families.

(Check out the sneak peek photos from this session here.)

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I found this shot on Pinterest the other day and I thought it was a great example of working your family’s style. Plus, how well did they rock the stripes? I love the little guy in the suspenders with the red stripes, right next to the girls in the stripped leggings. I personally don’t have the guts to rock such fun outfits, but you can totally tell they are comfortable, this is totally normal for them, and that they must be a super fun family. Props to Simplicity Photography for a great image.

Source: via Resa on Pinterest

I have quite a few family photo sessions on the books in the next few weeks. I always get asked, “What should we wear?” Not being a huge fan of matching outfits, I try to suggest coordinating instead. This is easy for some, and harder for others. But isn’t this chart of suggestions fantastic! And you could outfit your whole family for your photo shoot from the Gap and Old Navy. You may even have a few of the pieces already.

I found this chart via Pinterest from here. I’m totally impressed. Maybe I’ll get up the courage to make a few of my own style boards here soon, since a few of my clients aren’t quite the Gap or Old Navy type. (Although I totally am!)

A few other styling tips of my own and a few I’ve picked up recently:
• Dress in colors you have in your house. (These are usually your favorites. If you live with grandma, maybe pass on that suggestion. Or not!)
• Layer. This is especially easy for fall and winter photos. A sweater with a jacket. Hats. Boots with knee socks sticking out.
• Mix textures. Again this is especially easy for fall. One kid in denim, another in corduroy. Blazers, sweaters, Oxford shirts…. You get the point?
• Don’t be afraid to pop some color in if you must go with white shirts and jeans. Just a pair of colorful shoes, or a chunky bracelet will take a basic outfit a long way.
• BE COMFORTABLE! Unless you are aiming for a Royal Wedding style shoot, wear what you would wear on an “above average” day. (i.e. Grandma’s birthday party or a lunch date with your besties) You will like this photos more and look natural. If you have kids to include, this will help them ease into the shoot faster, and be more cooperative.

What tips do you have for “what to wear for family photos”?

When I took this photo a few years ago, I had scouted out the site and saw this huge tree. I knew I wanted to include it in the shoot. Rather than have the children pose next to it and look at the camera, I asked them to look up. Mostly cooperative, we ended up with this fun shot. And an illustration of the rapid growth of children.

My challenge to you:
Look at objects differently. Stray from the ease of photographing your subject standing next to a monument, cool car, costumed character. Instead encourage them to interact with it.

Toddlers are squirmy, active, shy…. shall I go on? They are hard to keep still and therefore hard to photograph. Don’t be afraid to change the way you get the shot you want. This little girl was being very shy, but she would light up with her dad. Once she got comfortable in his arms, she forgot I was around. The parents wanted a great shot of their daughter, and as a photographer, I like to try to capture their personality (vs. just a posed school type photo). With a little movement of my lens, I was able to capture this beautiful girl alone, as well as get some lovely shots of her with her dad.

What tricks do you have for catching your toddler for a photo?