Newborn photography is not my specialty. There are so many amazing professionals out there that do AMAZING work. BUT newborns are so yummy, and when a friend has one, well I run over as soon as possible to cuddle them up. This little guy was no exception. Patten_2Newborn photos for Resa Design Photography ©2013

And what a pretty mama! Four boys in tow, she is one of the best mothers I know. (I was so not trying to rhyme there.)


This was such a fun shoot of a set of three brothers right here in St.Louis, MO. These are some of my favorite little guys. Check out the eyes on the oldest boy. Aren’t they amazing?!

Sometimes you just can’t get every kid in their best moment. (Did you notice the little one wasn’t quite so thrilled to be getting his photo taken.) The best thing you can do is just work with it. We tried a few breaks, but he was just tired. I actually gave the parents with a few crying shots. Why not? Kids do spend a lot of time crying. I am so glad I got some shots (one one shown here) of the mom soothing the little guy, which was not in the original plans.

I must confess, this is a photo of one of my children. My mother HATES this picture (not the kid, just the picture). I remember when she first saw it she said, “Why would you take a picture of him screaming? It’s so sad.”

Why not? Babies spend so much time crying, that I think every parent should have one photo in the archives to show the child once he’s grown. Because, sure, I have thousands of pictures of all the happy moments, but this is real life in all it’s reality. And I can still remember how he sounded and how only I could make that face go away.

Some other, less than thrilling moments, worth capturing:
The tears and skinned knees of the first bike fall.
A face covered in chicken pox.
The casted kid and the culprit (i.e. on the bed, with the skateboard)

Too mean? Do you take pictures of your children on their worst days too?