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Seriously, please stop hiding behind the camera. Moms- I’m talking to you! Get in some pictures with your kids. 10-20-40 years from now, they won’t care about your wrinkles, or extra pounds. What they will remember is how strong your arms felt around them and how much love was in your eyes when you looked at them.

In celebration of Mother’s Day, we are bringing you our first ever Mommy Mini Session. We can’t wait to capture hugs, kisses, laughs, and sweet smiles of you and your little (or big) people.

Session is Sunday, May 4, 2014 in Chesterfield, Missouri. We will provide the location when you contact us (for safety reasons- don’t want a bunch of strangers peeping in on us). All other details are in the image above.

Share with your friends! If you get another family to schedule a session, we will give you a $10 print credit toward any purchases from you Mommy Mini Session (or for our readers- any session in 2014). Have your friends let us know you sent them.

Mom’s are the best!


©2014 Resa Design, LLC. 3 month old baby boy photos.This little man. He’s such a looker and a sweet boy. These are a few of his 3 month photos.

©2014 Resa Design, LLC. 3 month old baby boy photos.Patten_8How sweet are these brothers? They are two of four! I have a feeling these two have a lifetime of memories ahead. Big brother was so proud to be with his little brother. And then he just looked at me and made these images happen. I’d say, he’s a natural. Not a “normal” two-year old session, that’s for sure.

©2014 Resa Design, LLC. Photographs of brothers.Entire session shot with window light. My favorite.

©2014 Resa Design Photography, by Resa TroyerThe yawn. One of my FAVORITE newborn image. I love how it’s a whole body experience for them, and looking at the image brings back so many sweet memories.©2014 Resa Design, LLC by Resa TroyerI shot this session in a WARM home (mom pumped up the heat before I arrived, my suggestion), and in front of a window with great light. I always bring a heating pad and warm up any place I am going to lay the new baby. It really helps them stay asleep and relaxed. Next time I need to remember how warm the house can be, and dress accordingly.

©2014 Resa Design, LLC by Resa TroyerCapturing siblings together can sometimes be tricky depending on who close in age they are. It’s hard to get them to all look at you, and attend to the newborn safely. This time I skipped that and just had them draw their attention to baby brother. Mom was thrilled how this session turned out. A happy client, is the best client :)©2014 Resa Design, LLC by Resa Troyer©2014 Resa Design, LLC by Resa Troyer

©2014 Resa Design, LLC by Resa Troyer

Grandma was at the home taking care of mom and the family when I was there. I asked her if she would like to pose with the baby for a shot or two. She was reluctant, (since she was cooking and not really “ready” for pictures) but I love how these turned out. What special images to have for your children when they are grown. Note to photographers: Consider suggesting grandma, or other special family member be present during a in home lifestyle session. They are a great help with kid wrangling, and you might even be able to get them to step in front of the lens for you too.