Recently a client shared with me some projects she completed using images from our fall photo session. I LOVE THIS! Only to be topped with actually walking into a client’s home and seeing my images hanging on their walls, email’s of the next best thing.

Original images by Resa Troyer for Resa Design Photography

How beautiful is this calendar! I think I might need to have her make calendar’s with my pictures next year. The grandmother’s would LOVE that.Original images by Resa Troyer for Resa Design Photography

I haven’t yet figured out how she did it, but I think there was some glue involved. What a creative way to display family photos in just one frame. Perfect for those of you who don’t like to take last year’s photo off the wall, or are just short on space.

Thanks Beth for sharing these great final products with me. I’m so inspired to go do something with the zillion photos I have of my own family.

Have you done something fun with your photos? Or just got them out of the computer and on display? Share in the comments or on our Facebook Page.

(Photos courtesy of Beth L.) 

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