Trying to decide what to wear in your family pictures? Let Mom be the center of attention in your next photos. I love this look of everyone matching (Wearing all white, because what other color can you find for everyone? Plus it always looks fresh.) Then letting mom’s outfit pop in a BIG way. This dress also comes in a beautiful blue, and a few other colors. I had a hard time choosing which to show you.

All clothes are from TARGET! (A mom’s favorite one stop shop.)

Where to take family photos?
  • A long road (dirt or other) with fields on either side.
  • A open field of tall grasses.
  • The beach is always a great location. Try finding a place that give you the beach, without the water in all your photos. We love the seagrass dunes at our favorite beach. Or the snow fences.
  • A flower garden or botanical garden. We have a lovely one here in St.Louis
  • A bridge.
  • A tunnel.
  • I also had this fun idea of somewhere that’s really crazy- like a park, where the children are running playing in the background (all blurred out) and mom is sitting calm and poised for the camera in the foreground. (If you shoot this, please share asap!)