When I took this photo a few years ago, I had scouted out the site and saw this huge tree. I knew I wanted to include it in the shoot. Rather than have the children pose next to it and look at the camera, I asked them to look up. Mostly cooperative, we ended up with this fun shot. And an illustration of the rapid growth of children.

My challenge to you:
Look at objects differently. Stray from the ease of photographing your subject standing next to a monument, cool car, costumed character. Instead encourage them to interact with it.

Toddlers are squirmy, active, shy…. shall I go on? They are hard to keep still and therefore hard to photograph. Don’t be afraid to change the way you get the shot you want. This little girl was being very shy, but she would light up with her dad. Once she got comfortable in his arms, she forgot I was around. The parents wanted a great shot of their daughter, and as a photographer, I like to try to capture their personality (vs. just a posed school type photo). With a little movement of my lens, I was able to capture this beautiful girl alone, as well as get some lovely shots of her with her dad.

What tricks do you have for catching your toddler for a photo?

I love to take photos of newborn babies in black and white. Most newborns arrive looking kind of “raisiny”. Black and white photography shows off the fine details of their face while camouflaging the imperfections in their complexion.

I also adore newborns in nontraditional baby colors. This baby was wearing an amazing dark brown gown from one of my favorite brands, Kicky Pants.